You're already at the top of your game...
but you know there's more. 

You're powerful. Sexy. Committed. 
You know you can change the world.
I'm here to help you do just that.

Coaching with Sari has been thought-provoking, inspirational, and challenging all at the same time...

The Ultimate YOU.

This is a successful and progressive life-changing experience; one that will steer you towards the achievement of your biggest dreams and goals.

Sari creates a space where you feel safe and appreciated, so when she challenges you to dream bigger and try new approaches, you really want to do it. The whole process is fun, deliciously provocative, and immensely energizing!

We'll look at your core values, your goals, and what really turns you on.  We'll explore what is holding you back from success. 

You will create clear next steps. You'll get through the transition from INTENTION to COMPLETION with accountability and acknowledgement.

And through it all, we will play with possibility - being both wildly creative and fiercely focused. 

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Sari Meline, your Coach and Introductionist
I’m grateful to have found in Sari a coach who instills courage and confidence while demanding personal responsibility.